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Rockin' Garages book signing at Billy Joel's 20th Century Cycles in Oyster Bay, NY. Click here to see pictures of the book signing.

A Cobra in a barn; it’s every car enthusiast’s f

Very few of us have been lucky enough to actually discover a Cobra in a barn, but it’s a dream we all share. 

Welcome to, a website inspired by a series of books I have written about the search for old cars and bikes.  Starting with the original book – The Cobra in the Barn, and continuing on through the three books that followed – the concept of discovering cars is much more universal than I originally thought.  Nothing gives me more satisfaction at a book signing than when I’m approached by enthusiasts with stories to tell about a car or bike they discovered. This website will allow enthusiasts to purchase special edition copies of these books signed, suitable for collecting and gift giving.

The site is also a way for me to deplete some of my automotive inventory.  You see, it’s hard for me to sell cars because I become so attached to them.  But the collection has grown too large, so a number of cars that have not been on the market for a number of years will now be sold. 

The third purpose of this site is for you to contribute stories and photos of barn-find discoveries you have made for possible inclusion in future books.  If you have interesting stories about cars, trucks, motorcycles -- even airplanes and armament – please send them to me.  I’ll keep them on file and possibly contact you when I am compiling data for an appropriate book.

Remember, historically significant cars, bikes, etc, are good, but the actual story of the discovery is MORE important.  So I’d rather write about a Model A Ford or a Honda 305 Dream with good stories than a Bugatti or a Vincent with mediocre stories.  Get it?

Thanks for visiting this site and I hope to hear from you! 

Tom Cotter

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